What is Social Muscle Club?

What if giving, receiving, communication and commitment were social muscles that could be trained?


At Social Muscle Club you meet new people and take part in a simple sharing game, in which everyone offers something they can give away, and makes a request for something they want to receive.

These unconditional offers and requests can be concrete or practical, abstract or relationship-focused – fresh bread; help with a tax return; a tattoo; a holiday apartment in Costa Rica; a sofa; a shoulder to cry on. They could even be for something that can happen right there at the club – a stage dive; a portrait; a dance move; the hive-mind of 100 people solving one person’s need.

The giving and receiving happens around tables amongst performance, music, food and surprises. It’s a real celebration! Imagine something like an exuberant wedding or a chaotic gameshow, but everyone gives and gets gifts!


Social Muscle Club was invented and channelled as part of a healing process for its Berlin founders — Till Rothmund and Jill Emerson —  in 2012. It was inspired by a real club in Sheffield, England, featured in the documentary ‘Menschen in Scheffield’ by Peter Nestler. It touches the lives of more and more people every day, as it reaches worldwide audiences. People are continually joining our international network of clubs, and spreading the magic to communities everywhere.

If you want to set up a Social Muscle Club in your area, get in touch!