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Social Muscle Club is an open invitation to an evolving training programme to develop our social muscles together in order to challenge our habits of thinking and doing.

There are many ways to train with us.

Giving and Receiving Clubs are now hosted in 10 locations worldwide, as well as an ever expanding array of projects and initiatives to train our social muscles. Check our programme of events for the next club or event in your city.

You can also train in your own town, living-room, school, theatre, gym, garage, community centre, bakery … All you need is some paper, pencils, a bowl and some people to play with. If you want, you can call it Social Muscle Club and join our network!

  • how to play

    Step 1:
    Get a group of people together around a table. 8 to 10 is a good number. You can be friends or even family - it’s a great way to reconnect and refresh your relationships whenever you need it. It’s also cool if there are people there who don’t know each other, or would never normally hang out together.

    Step 2:
    Each person takes a piece of paper and writes down their name and something they would like to GIVE on it - anything at all! Big, small, concrete, abstract - even a performance gift!

    Step 3:
    On a second piece of paper, write down your name and something you would like to RECEIVE. Use your imagination - what do you really need? Ask from the heart.

    Step 4:
    Put all the pieces of paper in a bowl.

    Step 5:
    Draw a piece of paper from the bowl and read it out. Agatha has some tips on where to go in Berlin. Anyone interested? Jared needs more time. Who can help him?

    Step 6:
    Take your time to listen to one another!

    Step 7:
    Keep going until you have worked with every piece of paper. Remember, not every wish has to be fulfilled.

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